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  • Make sure to put on your gloves and protect your workstation.

The next 2 bullet points are especially important for objects you are going to use afterwards or put in the dishwasher.

  • Sand away all sharp edges on both sides of all shards. Because of this the Bio resin, that forms your golden line on the smooth glazed ceramic, will have a better grip on the surface.
  • After the sanding, make sure all shards are clean, dry and free of dust and grease. You can use some ethanol or aceton.
  • The CHIYU Bio resin and epoxy putty harden within 5-10 min.
  • Too much powder reduces the adhesive strength. Use a grain of rice as a maximum.
  • The colder the environment you work in, the longer it takes for the resin to harden. We recommend a room temperature of 20° celsius.
  • When waiting for the CHIYU Bio resin to harden, use gravity to your advantage.
  • Use the brush to apply extra powder during the curing process. You want the golden lines to be sticky when you do this. If the lines are too dry, the powder won't stay on.
  • After approximately 72 hours the repaired objects are dishwasher proof & food safe.
  • Repaired items can endure temperatures up to 100° celsius. This means you can use it for your favorite tea. Heat does slightly soften the CHIYU Bio resin so leave it a couple of hours to rest before using it again.
  • Note that certain aggressive products (such as vinegar, lemon juice or coffee,..) can cause the polish or color to become a little dull or darker. The same goes for dishwasher detergent, you can minimize this if you wash the item gently by hand.
  • Do not use your item in the oven or microwave. 
  • Children must always have adult supervision.
  • Shelf life: 6 months in closed packaging.
  • Do not use below 10° Celsius and store in a dry, cool & frost-free place.
  • In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention; if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.

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